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Panda Industries Inc.

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Unprecedented Performance

Bamboo Strand Board

At Panda Industries, we have developed Bamboo Strand Board, a game-changing solution for roof, wall, and subfloor sheathing applications. Our board outperforms traditional timber OSB in both strength and durability, providing architects, builders, and homeowners with a superior alternative that stands the test of time.

Leaders in Sustainable Manufacturing


At Panda Industries, we believe that sustainable practices are paramount. By harnessing the benefits of bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource, we have created a product that reduces our reliance on traditional timber and contributes to the preservation of our forests. We are proud to offer a solution that minimizes environmental impact without compromising on quality or performance.

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Who We Are.

Founded in 2020 by three College Students with a shared vision of unprecedented product performance and pioneering sustainable practices.