Light Weight Heavy Duty Concrete 

Panda Paste  Ready Mix Concrete

Panda Industries is offering a solution to the growing global sand crisis. Sand has been a cornerstone of the construction industry since the inception of modern construction methods. With the use of Panda Particle, we eliminate the use of sand as a fine aggregate. 

Light Weight Heavy Duty Concrete

Performance Statistics

Maintaining with the company’s core mission. We have engineered a concrete mix that outperforms current industry mixes and does not compromise the structural integrity of a project or the workability of the end user.


Compressive Strength. ASTM C39


Durability Factor, ASTM C666


Unit Weight, ASTM C138


Slump, ASTM C143

Compared to Traditional Concrete Mix - 3,500 psi


Compressive Strength


Unit Weight


Durability Factor (85 average)


Slump (4 in average)