Panda Industries believes in changing the world for the better by seeking sustainable innovations in the building materials industry. Our passion for sustainability extends beyond our goals as a company; we seek to rethink, rework, and reconstruct the world as a whole – from the smallest niches of environmental justice to grand overarching examples of unsustainable economic, social, and environmental practice. We have decided to start the Panda Industries Sustainability Journal in hopes to inspire practical sustainability thought – What issues are currently happening? What economic and political pressures drive these issues? What are the steps toward alleviation? 

We hope to cover a variety of unique and complex sustainability issues, and while unpacking the core components; we hope to reveal the frameworks involved in building a sustainable future which we have applied to Panda Industries. We seek to highlight the good, address the bad, and reframe the ugly in order to paint a clear picture for our readers; a picture focused on informing our readers on environmental & sustainability issues which must be addressed in order to build a world which we can leave better than we found it. 

We would like this journal to be interactive, engaging, and personal. We will cover issues of immense importance as well as our personal reasons for our love of sustainability. We will delve into various forms of media, essays from other environmental writers, news stories, and art. We would love readers to engage with us as well – submit questions, interesting articles, and personal reflections to our email and we will address your questions in subsequent posts.